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EU Counters Unfair Imports of Shipbuilding Components from Türkiye and China

On 11th January 2024, the European Union commission officially imposed duties on the imports of shipbuilding components (bulb flats – niche steel products used in shipbuilding) from Türkiye and China.  

An anti-dumping investigation carried out by the EU found that imports from these two countries were seriously harming EU manufacturers. Two EU SMEs based in Italy and Spain who specialise in this niche products were left unable to compete with overseas producers and the new measures should enable them to protect the European industry and retain 140 jobs. The measures imposed are of 23% duties on goods coming from China and 13.6% from Türkiye.  

Anti-dumping duties are protective measures implemented by governments when a company exports goods to another country at prices lower than the normal value of the product hence harming the local industries and creating unfair competition.

In the UK, the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) is the body responsible for investigating and recommending trade remedies, including anti-dumping measures, to the UK government. For more information about trade remedies in the UK, please see here.   

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