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New Rules of Origin Resources and Guides

New Rules of Origin Resources and Guides

Following our constant feedback to UK Government on how many UK SMEs continue to struggle understanding how rules of origin work, specially under the framework of the EU-UK Trade Cooperation Agreement, we have decided to create a brand-new section in our Brexit Hub dedicated to Rules of Origin compiling in one place all the relevant guidance from both the UK Government and EU. Please take a look at the recent guides and resources produced by BEIS and HMRC answering some of the most common questions.

We have also added links to useful webinars touching on this topic either delivered by ourselves, in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce or other strategic partners.

Also, do not forget to check our Frequently Asked Question in our Hub, as we have included more content on rules of origin.

Need more tailored support?

Lastly, if you are still finding difficult to navigate and understand how rules of origin are affecting your current business model, consider our Bespoke Advice Service, or training courses and events.

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