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Proof of Union Status

Goods with Union status are goods that have the right to circulate freely in the EU single market and Northern Ireland. It is not required that goods are produced in the EU to receive Union status, nor does it mean they are of EU origin. Goods produced in Northern Ireland can benefit from being automatically classed as having Union status due to the unique market access benefits granted to Northern Ireland businesses under the Windsor Framework.

Goods that are produced, or are in free circulation in Northern Ireland are able to benefit from Union status if they wish to do so.  Goods will have Union status where they are:

  • wholly obtained in EU countries

  • brought into the EU and released for free circulation

  • obtained or produced in the EU, that only incorporate Union goods

Proving Union status when moving goods into the EU from Northern Ireland, removes the need for further customs processes or duties. Union status cannot be assumed when goods arrive in Northern Ireland or an EU country if they have travelled outside of Northern Ireland or the EU during their journey, such as those being transported via air or sea. This could be particularly relevant to traders moving goods from Northern Ireland through Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) to the EU, or for goods moving from Northern Ireland through Ireland to another EU country for the Ireland to EU leg of the journey.

This is the same requirement as when goods are moving from Ireland to another EU country, or between EU countries where goods have travelled outside the EU during their journey, such as those being transported via air or sea. This is a longstanding EU policy and is not affected by this change, which concerns the system for obtaining proof of Union status under certain circumstances.

Goods moving by land between Northern Ireland and Ireland do not require proof of Union status.

Read further guidance on the below, click here

·       Moving goods with Union Status by land through GB

·       Moving goods with Union Status by air under a Single Transport Document

·       Moving goods with Union Status on a regular shipping Service

·       Proving Union Status with a commercial invoice or transport document

·       Proving Union Status with a T1L or T2LF

Register to get access to the EU Customs Trader Portal by emailing You will need to provide them with:

·       Name

·       Contact email address

·       Address of your NI operation

·       XI EORI

Further Guidance from HMRC can be found

Download PDF • 712KB


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