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UK and Canada reach new agreement to boost green tech supply chains

The new agreement between the UK and Canada outlines key cooperation on critical minerals, such as cobalt and lithium, that are essential to the economy and used in almost all modern and green technologies, from solar panels to electric vehicles.

  • UK and Canada to sign agreement to bolster vital technologies such as smart phones, solar panels and electric vehicles.

  • Agree to work together on critical minerals research and make supply chains more resilient as demand for some minerals expected to rise 500% by 2040.

  • Agreement signed on Minister Nus Ghani’s five-day visit to Canada to meet counterparts and attend the International Mines Ministers Summit and the closing of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

This agreement will particularly help make UK manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies more resilient to global shocks by promoting research and development between UK and Canadian businesses, driving innovation and growth. For the full PR, please click here

Source: UK Government

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