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UK Government announced further delays to border control checks due this year

Recent letter from HMRC to traders in the UK announced on the 28th April 2022, a new approach to import controls to help ease the cost of living pressures and confirming remaining import controls on EU goods will not be introduced this year after all. So traders will continue to move goods between EU And Great Britain as they do now.

So what controls have been pushed from introduction from July, September and November 2022 to end of 2023:

  • A requirement for further for Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) checks on EU imports currently at destination to be moved to Border Control Post (BCP)

  • A requirement for safety and security declarations on EU imports

  • A requirement for further health certification and SPS checks for EU imports

  • Prohibitions and restrictions on the import of chilled meats from the EU

  • A requirement for physical, documentation and ID checks on all dairy products

However, if a business imports goods from the EU into Great Britain and has chosen to submit safety and security (S&S) declarations on those movements, they can continue to do so on a voluntary basis.

Controls that were introduced before and will remain in place:

  • highest risk imports of animals, animal products, plants and plant products will continue to apply alongside the customs controls which have already been introduced, so pre-notification using IPAFFS will remain necessary for all phytosanitary goods imported from the EU into GB.

  • S&S checks brought in last year remain in place as part of the existing customs controls introduced during 2021

  • if a business imports goods into Great Britain from other non-EU countries it remains a legal obligation that they must submit their S&S Entry Summary declaration (ENS) for those movements

  • Personal phytosanitary goods carried from the EU whether in luggage or in a vehicle will be subject to inspections

  • Phytosanitary imports from Ireland into GB as introduced in Jan 2022 will stay, with no pre-notification of import required

  • Organic products will not see further import customs control changes as to those which were introduced in Jan 2022

On the other hand, HMRC has also confirmed they remained committed to closing CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight System) in line with their published timeline, and prompts traders to take timely action to move to the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS). CHIEF will be closing for imports after the 30th September 2022, and exports after 31st March 2023; and HMRC says the move remains on track.

HMRC also informs they continue to work with industry to assess how they can create a safe, secure and efficient process for dealing with EU imports. This will build on existing work already taking place, including the UK Single Trade Window which teams in HMRC have been working hard to deliver as part of the 2025 Border Strategy.

We understand many traders will see this as a blow to their ongoing efforts to adapt their operations to meet new customs controls and the impact those are having in the business. Our team is at hand to support exporters and importers through these challenging times.

Some resources & support that can help you keep on trading:

  • find recorded webinars about customs processes and what you need to do if you buy from, send or sell goods with the EU on HMRC's help and support for UK transition page

  • read HMRC updated guides or visit their customer forums

  • check GMCC latest Bitesize Sessions here

  • Moving to CDS in September for your imports entries? Need training your staff understanding the new system? Sign up for our upcoming workshop in June here

  • Need fast and reliable import customs clearance services? The Chamber is an HMRC compliant customs agent with direct links to all sea, air, road and rail ports. Check our last fast track service! Email our team at for more information.

  • Need to review your existing customs processes to ensure you are putting everything into place to meet new regulations and remain compliant? Check our Customs Audits here

  • Have a question? Contact us team at or call at 0161 393 4314 for support.

Sources: HMRC

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