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Why Customs Compliance Matters

Updated: Mar 4

Whether you are a large, medium or small business, keeping up to date with changes in regulations and making sure you maintain a robust compliance is vital.

Customs compliance is not just simply a legal obligation but can be an extraordinary strategic advantage for your business - let’s have a quick look how:

  • Compliance can help you reach new markets and customers

  • Cost savings as being compliant means you are reducing the risk of fines, shipment delays and extra costs

  • It can help you build a world class reputation demonstrating commitment to ethical, legal and responsible trade

Top tips to help you remain compliant

  • Keep up to date with customs regulations. Make sure you are regularly receiving updates and alerts about your sector so you can prepare and stay ahead!

  • Make sure your staff attends workshops, webinars and training courses to refresh or up-skill

  • Lean on your network – from suppliers to customers to your customs brokers, government and chamber to ensure you are getting the support required!

  • Adopt technologies which can help you with your customs compliance. Investing in data automation and management systems can really help you minimise errors and make your processes smoother.

  • If you notice you have made a mistake, make sure to notify relevant authorities as soon as possible and rectify at your earliest convenience

  • Make it a habit to review your existing customs entries, processes and systems to ensure your compliance framework remains robust. Failing

The Chamber can help you in a number of ways:

  • Book a complimentary 30-min consultation with our team to have an informal discussion about your current customs processes and systems!

  • Tap into our Customs Compliance Services to help you remain complaint – from bespoke hourly advice to consultancy packages and customs audits covering anything from customs processes, documentation, rules of origin, evidence, tariff classification, VAT, export controls and licences, immigration and more Our members get preferential rates.

  • If you book a customs audit by the 15th December for 2024, access a 10% off. Quote: CC10%

  • Check our wide range of export, import and customs training courses which can help keep you staff up to date with the skills and knowledge to run a successful global operation

  • Check our recent Chambers Trade Academy Session which provided an overview on how to prepare for a Customs Audit with HMRC. Visit our Trade hub here

  • Subscribe to our international newsletter and keep up to date with the latest regulations which may impact your business. Visit our Trade hub’s news section here

  • Get in touch with us via email at or call us at 0161 393 4314.


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