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Our hub aims to make trading with the world easier.  We have compiled hand-picked guidance from HM Government, the EU and other trustworthy sources to help traders to keep up to date with new rules of trading with the EU and the world.  There is also access to free resources to help you remain compliant.


British Chambers of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce are the umbrella organisation for 53 accredited Chambers of Commerce across the UK.   The BCC Network helps traders with policy & representation, skills, and international trade support.   Find enclosed useful reports and resources in their Trade Hub.

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GM Chamber Strategic Partners

Let's us introduce you to our Strategic Partners who can provide support when trading internationally:


  • Freeths are a top 50, full service commercial law firm with 13 offices across all the UK.  They are at hand to provide legal advice and services regarding trading globally and specially with the EU.    We have worked closely with Freeths and connect members with their experts, who have supported our members with CE/UKCA questions and much more.

If you need yo be connected to any of our partners, email us at for a personalised introduction and access a complimentary 20-min consultation.

The Chamber has been supporting companies for over 225 yrs.   We remain committed in supporting exporters and importers through the complexities of trading overseas.    ​you can access our  RESOURCES for free.   You need to join our Trade Hub to download any slides from previous events.

  • Virtual Bitesize & Chambers Trade Academy Sessions:  Watch on demand and download slides from previous virtual sessions where we have covered from the basics of exporting and importing, to new UK border controls,  NI Protocol,  REACH regulations, UKCA/CE markings, VAT Triangulation, Postponed VAT and much more.  

  • International Events:  Download slides and get direct links to webinars recordings of past or recent events we have hosted.

  • International Trade Readiness Assessment -  whether you are new, occasional and/or experienced trader, we can help you determine how 'ready' is your business to go global or enter a brand new market.   

  • Currency Calculator:   Managing FX risk effectively has become even more important in a post-Brexit world.   FX fluctuations can affect your profitability and  understanding the impact on your exporting/importing business is key.

Compilation of useful links from 3rd party organisations proving useful insights, information, advice and services to traders.  To see all, click here

  • Rules of Origin

  • Data Exchange

  • Sector Trade Associations


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