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Freight Forwarder Procedure Workshop

Delivered in partnership with 5-1-2

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5-1-2 (Manchester) Ltd are the official sponsor of Greater Manchester Chamber’s programme of Export/Import training courses.


To enhance your experience as one of our course delegates, you are invited to attend a complimentary Freight Forwarding Procedure workshop to help you choose the best modes of transport and understand your charges. We will cover:

  • Introduction to Freight Forwarding and what a freight forwarder does and why we exist.

  • Detailed introduction to the modes of transport and what determines the best mode of transport for each shipment.

  • A detailed run over of what Documentation a forwarder requires to process shipments smoothly.

  • An in-depth explanation about the importance of Incoterms and how choosing the correct terms could save your business thousands.

  • Open discussions about the charges you should and shouldn’t receive as an importer/exporter.

  • Explanation about a forwarders global reach (Overseas offices, Networks etc)

  • Discussion about Insurance and how important this is for your business.

  • Opportunity for a Q&A session.


5-1-2 (Manchester) Ltd is also offering our delegates the opportunity to participate in a short placement at their office, giving you the chance to see how a freight forwarder deals with your shipments and to learn how rates are calculated directly from their experienced team.

We'll be running three dates of the workshops, and they'll last from 10am-1pm - so please note in the form which dates you can make. 

29th February 2024
12th June 2024

16th October 2024

Places are limited, so enquire early to avoid disappointment.

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