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Guide to using our certification, legalisation & apostille services

Thank you for recently joining Greater Manchester Chamber's ecert community.

We have prepared this guide to using our certification services to make sure you are making the most of our support.

Make sure to 'bookmark' this page for future reference.

What services do we offer?

Certification: Our team can certify a wide range of documents for which there is a signature we have in our records via a Formal Undertaking. Documents can include UK & Arab Certificates of Origin, UK EUR1 Movement Certificates, Commercial invoices, packing lists, and many more. Check an extensive list of what we can certify here ​

Legalisation: This is performed by an embassy after a documentation has been certified by our team. The Legalisation office will check the document and see if any signatures, stamps, or seals match their own records, and this will show as an additional stamp on your document. 

Apostille Services: In the UK, the apostille is issued by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and it is defined as the ‘authentication of a document for use in another country’.  




Notarisation Services:   We are delighted to include notarisation service as part of our overall documentation offer.  If you do business internationally you may be requested to have your documentation legally authenticated by a Notary public. Notaries play a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity and legality of various transactions, the seal is recognised in most countries worldwide, making documents which have been endorsed by a Notary public valid for government departments and corporations.

For example, you might need a Notary Public for:

  • Setting up a company abroad

  • Submitting tender documents in overseas markets

  • Appointing agents to represent or lawyers to act for your business overseas.

  • Providing the status of your company to satisfy overseas governments.

  • Authenticating documents for company staff to satisfy overseas authorities.


How to access our services?

Make sure you read our Standard Rules & download and sign a Formal Undertaking & specimen signatures form (found at the bottom of the page under 'Useful Downloads and links'

When registering on our eCert platform, also make sure to complete and submit to us a signed copy of a Formal Undertaking & specimen of signatures. Please also send a physical copy to our Airport Office at Room 7, Building 308, World Freight Terminal, Manchester Airport, M90 5PZ and a scanned copy to  

Important Note 

Formal undertaking must be renewed annually. eCert should notify you when yours is due for renewal.   Do check our website regularly as Standard rules and Formal undertaking may be updated from time to time.   For the latest version, please click here


Service Location, Opening Times & Contact 



Room 7, Building 308, World Freight Terminal, Manchester Airport, M90 5PZ  
T: 0161 489 3170


Monday to Friday 
10am - 1pm 
2pm - 4pm 



151 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WD
T: 0161 393 4314

Tuesday to Thursday 
By appointment only - call to arrange 


Type of Submissions 

Through our eCert platform traders can obtain export and import related certificates online. It can be used for UK & Arab Certificates of Origin, EUR1s, ATA carnets and other documents such as commercial invoices and packing lists for example. 

  • Standard: this means once you submit your application through eCert, the Chamber will print out the certificates for you, stamp and post them to you, or alternatively you can also collect them at either of our offices. We ask traders to check regular updates on potential strikes by the Royal Mail as this will affect delivery times. 

  • Express: This enables you to print certified documents at your own premises/location enabling you to save you valuable time and money.    

Important Note 

Please note most countries will allow for electronic signatures meaning you can opt for express service. For a list of countries which only accept wet stamps and therefore only standard applications can be made please click here   


Service Levels & Processing Times 

We operate different levels depending on the level of urgency in which you require your documentation.    

Standard – Documents printed by the Chamber 

  • Standard Certification – 24 to 48 Hrs 

  • Priority Standard – 6 to 12 hrs  

Express – Documents printed by the trader at its own premises 

  • Express Certification – 24 to 48 Hrs 

  • Premium Express - 6 to 12 hrs 

  • Priority Premium - 2 hrs - Phone to arrange  

  • Walk-in Service - Processed whilst you wait 

Important Notes 

  • Additional fees apply to priority, premium priority, and walk-in services. 

  • If your application is urgent, please make sure to opt for the Premium, Priority Premium or Walk in service. If you have opted for our standard or express services (24-48 hrs), please refrain from following up on your application unless the processing time has lapsed.  

  • Our normal postage service is done Royal Mail 1st class, however, if you wish us to post your documents via special delivery, make sure to clearly indicate this in your submission (Delivery methods) such as Special Delivery or tracked.   Please note we are not responsible for any delays directly linked to postage services. 

  • NEW SERVICE:  We now also offer a Special Courier Service, make sure you clearly request this service when submitting your application.

  • When you are also submitting documents to be legalise or apostille, and which may also need legal translation, please be aware the processing times can be between 2-4 weeks, although with potential royal mail strikes, these may take longer.  This normally applies for Arab Documentation but not exclusively. 



  • Whilst members and non-members can access our Certification, Legalisation and Apostille Services. However, members can get up to 50% in most of our certification services. So, if you are planning to be a regular user of our services you may find that becoming a member can help you make significant savings and you can also apply to have a 30-day credit account with us.    

  • For a detail list of our prices click here and make sure you bookmark it in your favourites bar. 


Evidence of Origin & Key Requirements  

  • As an Issuing authority, the Chamber team reserves the right to request additional evidence or information on your application to prove the origin of the goods in your certificate of origin or EUR1s. Visit our International Trade Hub to review helpful guidance on rules of origin and required evidence. 

  • the Chamber also delivers accredited training courses focus on Export Documentation, rules of origin and more,  you can check the events and courses we have coming up here

  • Also make sure you check the UK Export Gov Tool to understand what documents are accepted for preferential and non-preferential purposes.

  • For large volume exporters who make regular shipments and use a wide range of suppliers, we highly recommend opting for our annual evidence of origin review service conducted by the team helping you to save time by not having to submit evidence with each application. For more information, please email us at


Further Support  

  • Check our Export Documentation Guides which cover changes to documentation since January 2021 and also step by step guidance on how to complete UK Certificates of Origin, EUR1s, and ATA Carnets  

  • Having difficulties setting up your account and would like a member of our team to walk you and your team through the process? Attend one of our step by step workshops or email us at to book an individual session. Members get preferential rates. 

  • Do you have new staff or part of your team is on leave and need support with your documentation?  Why not try our Documentation Preparation Service?   Our team can help you preparing invoices, packing lists, CoOs and more.   Get in touch if you want to know in the details below, and members also get preferential rates.

  • Are you unsure if your current processes and evidence are robust enough to support the origin of your goods? Why not opt for our Evidence of Origin Review Service? Our service can ensure you are complying with rules of origin as stipulated in trade agreements or under WTO rules. Members get preferential rates. For more information, contact our team at the email above. 

  • Have new staff or need to up-skill your staff on export and import customs processes and documentation? Our team runs a wide range of accredited training courses and workshops which can help your staff upgrade their knowledge and run a smoother global operation. From incoterms and export/import documentation and process to step-by-step workshops on how to complete UK CoOs, EUR1s and ATA Carnets to mention but a few. Our courses have been designed to help traders with compliance.  For a full list of our courses, click here and to see what we have coming up in the next few months, click here. 

Get in Touch

Documentation Services:

Helpline:  0161 393 4314

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