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Changes to Export Regulations to Egypt

According to a report produced by HMRC, in 2020 Egypt was the UK’s 48th largest trading partner, accounting for 0.3% of total trade. In terms of exports, in 2019, UK exports to Egypt were £2.3 billion, making it the UK’s 45th largest export market (accounting for 0.3% of all UK exports). Since then, the UK has signed an association agreement with Egypt, which is in effect.

Export regulations

When sending goods to a customer in Egypt, there are a number of things to bear in mind.

1. New CargoX and ACI regulations: Since the 1st October 2021, the Egyptian customs have introduced a new electronic system for the pre-registration of shipment information called the Advanced Cargo Information (ACI). This is now mandatory for all shipments arriving at Egyptian ports.

This will apply to Sea Exports only and exporters will need to register in advance with CargoX. Another platform called Nafeza, will need to be used to generate an ACID number as soon as delivery is planned. All shipping documents such as Bill of Lading, Invoices, and Certificates of Origin must have the ACID number on and must be uploaded by the exporter via the CargoX platform at least 48 hours before the arrival of the vessel to the Egyptian port.

2. Certificates of Origin: Shipments going to Egypt must also be accompanied by a Certificate of Origin (CoO) and legalisation by the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce might be required. Please always check this with your customer to make sure you are using the correct document.

For all countries, we would always recommend using the government tools to check any restrictions on your product and to confirm the duties and taxes to be paid at import in the country of destination.

For export controls, please check the UK Trade Tariff here.

For import duties and taxes and local regulations at destination, please check this UK tool here.

Need further support?

We will be running a Trading with Egypt training course on 24th February to provide an overview of the agreement with Egypt, the documentation required and an overview to the CargoX and ACI changes. Please see here for more information.

If you’d like to discuss your business’ activities in Egypt with a member of the team, please contact

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