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Customs Declaration Service (CDS) to fully replace CHIEF on 31 March 2023

HMRC will be closing its Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system on 31 March 2023. It will be replaced by the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

CDS will serve as the UK’s single customs platform for all declarations and all goods will need to be declared through CDS from this date.

Moving to one system is more efficient than running two platforms, as we are currently doing. Operating one single system will clarify processes for traders and save money for the taxpayer.

Currently, export declarations for goods moving out of Great Britain are made on the National Export System (NES), which is linked to CHIEF.

In the future, all export declarations will be made using CDS and we are now encouraging exporters to move across to CDS.

HMRC will gradually reduce CHIEF services, with functionality switched-off in 2 phases. From:

  • Friday 30 September 2022, you will not be able to make import declarations using CHIEF

  • Friday 31 March 2023, you will not be able to make export declarations using CHIEF and the National Export System (NES)

Trade with Northern Ireland

You will need to make declarations on the Customs Declaration Service if you move goods to Northern Ireland. There are some limited exceptions when you need to submit an export declaration on the Customs Declaration Service for a movement of goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain. You can still use CHIEF for exporting goods sent directly from Northern Ireland to outside the UK and EU.

If you move goods into Northern Ireland, you can use the Trader Support Service (TSS). It’s free to use and quick and easy, simply follow the steps on the TSS site to register. Once registered, you will need to digitally provide the appropriate information on the goods being moved. Need further support?

Source: HMRC

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