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Customs Updates for Traders & Customs Agents – January 2024

Updated: Jan 19

Customs updates

  • New MOITS Dossier for immediate Use: MOTIS have requested that all agents use their new dossier template with immediate effect. To ensure prompt processing of shipments, please submit only the new version, available on helpdesk. 


  • XI EORI for Northern Ireland shipments: Effective 19 December 2023, when submitting CDS Import entries for goods moving from the UK to Northern Ireland, it is mandatory to declare the importer's XI EORI rather than the GB EORI number. Additionally, when inputting authorisations such as NIDOM and NIREM in Data Element 3/39, ensure the use of your importer’s XI EORI number 


  • CHIEF Services Retirement & Operational Impact 

Export Master UCRs – NES Services Update 

From 29 January 2024, CHIEF NES services for consolidations and shutting MUCRs will cease. Any attempt to submit through CHIEF will result in an error, hindering the processing of goods. To ensure uninterrupted processes and compliance, a prompt transition of Ro-Ro Exports to CDS is strongly recommended. 

Ro-Ro Movements 

Changes to CHIEF functionalities underscore the urgency of transitioning all qualifying Ro-Ro shipments to CDS. Beyond compliance, this aligns with our strategic goals and establishes the groundwork for a phased approach in Air and Sea movements from February and March. 

In January,  we continue to reach out to exporters who have yet to switch to CDS. 

Health Certification Changes from 31st Jan 2024: Take a look at the goods affected below: 

Medium risk goods 

Imports from the EU of medium risk  — animal products, plants, and plant products will require health certification. 

High risk goods 

Imports from the EU of high-risk food and feed of non-animal origin will require health certification. 

Irish goods 

The introduction of new checks and controls when moving Irish goods (i.e., any goods other than Qualifying Northern Irish Goods) from Irish ports directly to Great Britain. 

How to prepare for the upcoming changes? 

1. Know the goods’ risk-category 

Traders can use online tools to find the risk category of their commodities. 

2. EU supply chain readiness 

Ensure that your customers know if their EU supply chain is preparing to provide them with health certificates and/or phytosanitary certificates – find out more here

3. Importance of IPAFFS pre-notifications 

Ensure you submit correctly the pre-notification in IPAFFS. Traders can attend a January training session led by DEFRA or read HMRC guidance. 

Need support with Customs? 

  • Did you know the Chamber is a HMRC compliant customs agent working with importers and exporters of all sizes and sector who can help you with customs clearance and transit services?  Click here for more information 

  • Start 2024 with a robust compliance framework by booking a customs audit with our team!  For more information, click here  

  • Have other questions?   Contact our team at or call us at 0161 393 4314. 


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