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Export Documentation Update – Plain Paper UK Certificates of Origin

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Over 40% of Certificates of Origin issued worldwide are now printed on plain paper. As we move into a digital future the Chamber wants to be part of the vanguard working with the Government to achieve its digital ambition for a paperless border by 2025. The move to plain paper UK Certificates of Origin is the first step in this journey.

From the 1 April 2023 GM Chamber UK Certificates of Origin will be switching to plain paper. This will mean the pre-printed UK Certificates of Origin currently in circulation will no longer be valid as the entire certificate will now be printed.

From this date all applications will need to be made via our online platform

Home | eCert Worldwide ( No manual applications will be accepted.

Certificates of Origin printed via our online platform have additional security features such as the QR code allowing anyone with the Certificate of Origin to scan the QR code and see an online version of the Certificate of Origin so they can check the version they have has not been amended or falsified. Anyone with the Certificate of Origin will also be able to verify the authenticity of the Certificate of Origin via the ICC verification website. Increasingly Customs authorities worldwide are looking to be able to verify Certificates of Origin online.

The switch will simplify the printing of Certificates of Origin by exporters as they will no longer need to insert a blank Certificate of Origin correctly into the printer before printing. These Certificates of origin must be printed in colour with a watermark and of a standard that is acceptable to customs authorities.

If required, the Chamber can prepare and complete applications for you.

Please check FAQ regarding this change here (updated Feb 2023)

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