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In line with the changes brought by the UK’s exit from the EU, we are pleased to bring two new training courses to help traders continue trading and adapting to the new rules:

Trading with Turkey Training Course - June 2021

When the UK was an EU Member State, the relationship with Turkey was governed by its trading agreement with the European Union. 

On 28th December 2020, the United Kingdom and Turkey signed their own Free Trade Agreement which came into place on 1st January 2021 once the UK officially left the EU. The way UK businesses have been shipping goods to and from Turkey is now subject to new rules and new processes. It is estimated that without a deal, 75% of Turkish exports to the UK would have been subject to tariffs, leading to losses amounting to an estimated $2.4bn in 2021.

Our training course will provide you with the tools and knowledge on how to capitalise on this Trade Agreement - from Documentation to Import Tariffs and more. For more information and to book your place, click here

Understanding Free Trade Agreements - June 2021

Trade relationships between the UK and many countries is governed by a set of rules covered in Free Trade Agreements. Since the UK left the European Union, the British government has been working on securing new trade deals or continuity agreement with its major trading partners.

Trade agreements set out the rules that cover trade between two or more countries. They aim to make trading easier between those countries and they do this by reducing the restrictions on imports and exports between them.

Our half day course will help companies understand the importance of Trade Agreements and how rules of origin will enable you to access worldwide markets on preferential or non-preferential basis. For more information and to book your place, click here

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