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Help us shape the future of the EU-UK TCA

Seven weeks into 2021, and the Chamber has dealt with hundreds of emails and calls from exporters and importers who are clearly struggling to understand and adapt to the new rules.

In a recent survey conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce, it was not surprising to see that 49% exporters and 51% of manufacturers reported they have found it difficult to adapt to the new rules.

Unlike UK importers, EU exporters have not been able to tap into any easements or a phasing out approach, and must contend with full customs declarations, processes and other key documentation from day one. The UK did implement a phased out approach for UK importers and from Jan to July of 2021, companies can benefit from simplified customs procedures and postponed VAT accounting on top of the standard deferment VAT accounts.

Many members have reported to us having issues with documentation – from minor mistakes to EU customers requiring documents that the new UK Government Tool ‘Export Checker’ did not flag up as a requirement. Others have been shocked to understand how the Rules of Origin and bilateral cumulation agreed on the TCA is now seriously affecting their business model, not to mention difficulties in understanding they can no longer benefit from EU VAT Triangulation.

As a Chamber of Commerce, one of our key roles is to represent the interest of our members, ensuring their voices are heard by local, regional and national government bodies. We are constantly asked by HMRC, DIT, BEIS and other key government departments to provide feedback on several areas, including the UK Trade Strategy, the GM International Strategy, Brexit and more.

If your business has been affected by the new rules, we want to hear from you! Send your concerns to Chris Fletcher, our Director of Policy and Marketing at and Head of International Trade:

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