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HMRC Inland Border Facility Guidance – Birmingham Airport

Inland border facilities are Government (UK and devolved) sites where customs and document checks can take place away from port locations.

You only need to attend an inland border facility if you’re travelling through the Port of Dover, Eurotunnel or Holyhead and you’re moving:

  • Goods under the Common Transit Convention and you’re not using the services of an ACC to start or end your Transit movements

  • Goods into the country under the Common Transit Convention and you’ve been instructed to report to a site for those goods to be checked

  • Goods, excluding live animals, using an ATA Carnet

  • Goods, excluding live animals, covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

Functions At the Birmingham inland border facility you’ll be able to:

  • Start transit movement (office of departure)

  • End transit movement (office of destination)

  • ATA and TIR Carnets stamp

Facilities on site

In addition to the standard site facilities (toilets, hand washing and water for all drivers parked on site), this site also offers a COVID-19 Testing Centre and first aid boxes.


Birmingham inland border facility,

Birmingham International Airport,

Building 9, Car Park 6,

Jetstream Road,

B26 3QY

How to access the site

This site is currently used as Car Park 6 of Birmingham Airport.

It’s located close to junction 6 of the M42 Motorway, from where there are signs towards the site. It can be accessed from the A45 (Coventry Road) and Jetstream Road.

There is a single exit and entrance at the end of Jetstream Road off the A45 Slip Road on B4438 (Airport Way).

How to exit the site

Once checks are complete, you’ll be given a card to put in your window which permits you to exit the site. You’ll need to stop at the vehicle exit check point before leaving the parking area.

The exit is at the end of Jetstream Road off the A45 Slip Road on B4438 (Airport Way)

How else can we help?

  • How to Complete Customs Declarations” Training: this one-day course delivered virtually will provide attendees basic working knowledge of how to complete simple import and export customs declarations entries. This course will also help you understand what information you need to provide to the customs agents in charge of doing customs declarations on your behalf.

  • Chamber Customs: We can complete customs declarations on your behalf; we work with exporters and importers of all sizes and have direct links to all sea, air, rail, road ports and terminals in the UK.

Source: HMRC

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