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Important trade announcements and consultation from the UK government

1. Northern Ireland Protocol

HMG made statements and published proposals for a significant rewrite of the Northern Ireland Protocol last week, which did not find favour with EU partners. Check the British Chambers of Commerce reaction to this here and article from The Guardian here

2. Update on GB Border Operating Model

The latest iteration of the GB Border Operating model has been published by the Border and Protocol Delivery Group and contains more information on the inbound processes applicable to goods from the EU coming into GB from October 2021 and January 2022. So importers make sure you are aware of the latest updates.

3. Have Your Say on the New UK's Developing Countries Trading Scheme

Earlier this month the Government launched a consultation on new trading rules that will help both countries out of poverty and British businesses and consumers. The Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS) is a major opportunity to grow free and fair trade with developing nations. The proposed scheme would apply to 70 qualifying countries currently and include improvements such as lower tariffs and simpler rules of origin requirements for countries exporting to the UK, which would mean more opportunity and less bureaucracy for developing countries.

The scheme will also allow countries to diversify their exports and grow their economies, while British households and businesses benefit from lower prices and more choice. Additionally, it will help lower costs for UK businesses, leading to lower prices for consumers across a range of everyday products, by reducing tariffs on imports from low income and lower middle-income countries

The UK currently operates a similar scheme rolled over from the EU, but as an independent trading nation can now take a simpler, more generous, pro-growth approach to trading with developing countries.

Who can participate?

The consultation runs for eight weeks and seeks the view of all sectors of society, including businesses, the public, civil society groups, consumers, associations, partner governments and any other interested stakeholders.

Have a say!

To participate please send us your views to or submit your views directly via their online questionnaire 4. Policy Paper on Green Trade in Goods and Services launched by the UK Board of Trade

The new report published on the 21st July 2021 sets out how free and fair trade can support the low carbon transition and calls on UK to challenge green protectionism. A Press Release by the Department of International Trade and The RT Hon Elizabeth Truss MP says this new trade report argues why the UK should reject ‘green protectionism’ and harness free market to address climate change crisis’.

We are interested in hearing views from local partners and companies about this new policy paper. Please send us your feedback at

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