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Introduction of Stricter Legislation Around Product Safety in Europe

A new Product Liability Directive was introduced after a discussion between the European Parliament and the Union’s Member States. The Directive not only imposes strict liability on the manufacturers of product for any harm the defective goods may cause, but it also aims at introducing technological advancements. This is a significant change considering that the PLD was originally established in 1985 and has not changed since. 


The Directive will make easier for consumers to raise claims and assists victims of damage with their compensation claims. This will not only include medical claims but also material damage, like the destruction of the property. Manufacturers will be liable to up to 25 years and injured people can get a compensation even after this period, provided that the original request is submitted in the given period. 

Although an agreement was reached by all parties, the final text has not yet been released, and it is expected to be published in the next few weeks. After that, a 24-months transition period was agreed, which means that the law will be implemented in 2026. 

If you are a manufacturer or a buyer looking to understand better these new rules, our International team is available to help and provide guidance on compliance services. Reach out at or call us on 0161 393 4321. 



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