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UK Removes Standard Visitor Visa Requirements for Colombia, Peru and Guyana

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Last month the UK Government announced that starting from 9th November 2022 citizens of Colombia, Peru and Guyana do not need to apply for a visa to travel and visit the UK for periods of up to six months.

Citizens of these three countries are now able to travel to the United Kingdom as “standard visitors” for business, tourism, study (courses up to 6 months) and other permitted activities

Business visitors are not permitted to take employment in the UK, and this includes carrying out their day-to-day role for their employment overseas or providing short term cover for a role in the UK. However, they are able to undertake certain permitted activities such as:

  • attend interviews, meetings, conferences and seminars

  • negotiate and sign deals and contracts

  • attend trade fairs to promote your business (you cannot sell things)

  • get work-related training if you’re employed overseas and the training is not available in your home country

  • give a one-off or short series of talks as long as they’re not for profit or a commercial event (you must not be paid)

  • carry out site visits and inspections

  • oversee the delivery of goods and services provided by a UK company to your overseas company or organisation

  • deliver training or share knowledge on internal projects with UK employees of the company you work for overseas

  • install, dismantle, repair, service or advise on equipment, computer software and hardware, if your overseas company has a contract with a UK company or organisation

You can find further guidance about visiting the UK for business purposes as a Standard Visitor on the Government’s guidance.

This abolition of the visa requirements comes as a sign of the growing relationship within the UK and these countries and is expected to create more business opportunities for UK companies trading with these markets as well as Colombian, Peruvian and Guyanese companies trading with the UK.

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