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ATA Carnet Service

Your Authorised Agent

Since Brexit, you may now need ATA Carnets when travelling to the EU with goods you intend to bring back to the UK.


ATA Carnets are known as your passport for goods, enabling the import or export of goods on temporary basis.  This document simplifies your customs procedures with authorities in countries who are part of the ATA Carnet System.  


Greater Manchester Chamber is your authorised agent and can issue ATA Carnets, with preferential rates available to Chamber members. 

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Who might need an ATA Carnet?

Individuals attending international exhibitions for which they are taking products, samples, equipment, stands etc.

Manufacturing/Engineering businesses travelling overseas to carry out maintenance, repair, testing etc.

TV/Media companies taking specialised film equipment 

Universities or Research Centres taking special scientific equipment, laptops etc.

Sport Teams taking sporting equipment to overseas competitions

There are many more reasons you could need an ATA Carnet, if you’re not sure – we can advise you.


How long is an ATA Carnet valid for?

ATA Carnets are issued for a 12-month period allowing you to move goods shown in the carnet as many times across the destinations you applied for and within this period.


Do I need security?

Yes, on top of the processing fee, traders must consider the extra security on the Carnet. This Security provides foreign customs with the guarantee that, should the Carnet not be used correctly and the conditions under which goods were allowed to be imported temporarily are not met, that any duties or taxes will be paid. There are many options, the security can be a bank’s draft, a bank guarantee or you can purchase our in-house Carnet Security Scheme (CSS).


How do I apply?

Just complete the form on this page - and we'll guide you through the process.   If you need help completing the application, check our upcoming events as we may be running Step by Step workshops, or you can book a one-to-one session with a member of our team.

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