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Inward and Outward Processing Relief

Authorisation Application Service

Inward and Outward Processing Relief Schemes, also known as IPR and OPR, are customs special procedures that allow UK traders to claim relief of duty and/or VAT. 

Inward Processing Relief allow business to suspend the payment of Duty and/or VAT when importing goods into the UK for process or repair before re-exporting the goods out of the country.  

Outward Processing Relief allow businesses to claim relief of Duty and/or VAT when re-importing products that were exported for process or repair overseas. 

While businesses can use the above schemes up to 3 times a year with an Authorisation by Declaration, a full authorisation is required for regular use of the schemes.


Both schemes’ application process consists of a couple of forms to be completed and our award-winning International Trade Team can support you in the full process.

What is included?

Using our IPR/OPR Application service means you can lean on the skills and knowledge of our team as well as network of experts to:

  • Support with completion of SP3 or SP4 Application Form

  • Support with completion of the self-assessment questionnaire

  • Help with additional request/enquiries from HMRC

  • Support with completion of the first bill of discharge

Once authorised, our team can also help with the implementation of your authorisation through our Chamber Customs services (extra charges apply).

For more information and to discuss your requirements, please complete the enquiry form and our team will be in touch to arrange a 30 minute free consultation. 


Support required:

We've received your request and we'll be in touch.

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