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Apply for authorisation for the UK Trader Scheme (UKTS) if you bring goods into Northern Ireland

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Traders are urged to apply for authorisation under the UK Trader Scheme if they wish to declare their goods as 'non-risk' or entering the EU and the EU tariff rate on these goods is higher than zero.

The application deadline is 31 January 2023; future declarations will be rejected, and you may have to pay EU duties. Considering the high volume of applications, it is highly recommended to apply as early as possible if you have been contacted by TSS to ensure that you receive all the advantages of UKTS.

For a successful application, and thus avoid any EU duties or taxes when moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland (NI), you are required to prove that your goods will remain or be consumed within the UK domestic market (excluding goods processed in Northern Ireland) and are not 'at risk' of being transferred to the European Union (EU).

The simplest way to get the "not at risk" status for your goods is to apply for authorisation under the UK Trader Scheme, and to be eligible you should:

  • be established in NI

  • have a fixed place of business in NI and meet the additional requirements that are outlined

If you do not meet these criteria, you can still qualify for UKTS authorisation, but you must:

  • carry out customs operations in the UK and

  • have an indirect customs representative in Northern Ireland (such as the Trader Support Service). You supply goods to a business in NI that has a fixed place of business from where those goods are provided for, or sold to end consumers, and that business is either:

  • Authorised under the UKTS

  • Could be authorised if they were the importer of those goods

  • have no history of serious or ongoing non-compliance in relation to your tax and customs affairs.

  • Have records, systems, controls, and evidence requirements in place

  • Meet the additional requirements as detailed on the UKTS page on GOV.UK

The Northern Ireland Customs & Trade academy has created a UKTS help sheet with important information and guidance on how to apply for UKTS authorisation. Please click here to visit the page. Source NICTA Is your business facing issues when trading via Northern Ireland or under the new rules in general? The Chamber can help companies in several ways:

  • Customs Clearance & Transit Services: We are an HMRC Compliant customs broker helping UK traders with export and import customs entries and transit documentation for companies of all sizes, through any port or airport. To set up an account or for more information, email us at or complete our short online form. 

  • Training Courses: From how to complete a customs declaration to export/import customs procedures and documentation, to mention but a few, our full range of courses are designed to help your staff to keep up with current and latest regulations. View our list of upcoming courses here.  

  • Advice and Support from our award-winning team. For further advice on any of the above or support you require with exporting or importing, please email  

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