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HMRC Advance Valuation Ruling Service Announcement

HMRC has announced that its Advanced Valuation Ruling Services (AVRS) has been expanded to cover more traders.

From 28th September, agents representing traders who were not able to use a Business Tax account, can now use AVRS.

The Advance Valuation Ruling gives you legal confirmation of the correct method to use when valuing your goods and making an import declaration. You can import goods without having an Advance Valuation Ruling but having one will help you pay the correct duty on your goods.

To use this service, traders need a Government Getaway user ID and an EORI number.

Find more information about this service here.

Need help with the valuation of your goods for an import?

Our team is also at hand for any queries. Contact us a or give us a call at 0161 393 4314.

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