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HMRC announced Transit guidance improvements for businesses

Traders moving goods under the Common Transit Convention (CTC) can now benefit from a number of improvements made to HMRC’s online guidance for businesses.

CTC, or ‘Transit’, is a customs facilitation that allows businesses to easily move goods across multiple borders, without customs checks taking place at each border crossing.

The Transit GOV.UK guidance has been refreshed, with improvements including a new landing page, step-by-step routes and simpler navigation.

HMRC worked closely with industry representatives and businesses using Transit to make the changes. HMRC’s Sally Beggs, Deputy Director, said:Transit is an important customs facilitation for many businesses moving goods in and out of the UK, and it’s vital we provide them with the right support and information. We’ve listened carefully to feedback from a wide range of Transit users about the information they need, and this has helped us improve the guidance our customers can access online.” Amy Swindells, Head of International Professional Services at GM Chamber, said:

“We continue to traders to continue to work with us as well as HMRC and other key government agencies providing useful feedback about existing processes and systems impacting the way you move goods across the EU and the world. Our job is to be a bridge and also make sure we lobby on your behalf for much needed improvements that can have a positive impact in your business operations and profitability’. You can visit the online guidance here:

Need help with transit?

The Chamber is an HMRC compliant customs broker offering customs clearance and transit services. Contact our team now for further information at or call 0161 393 4314, or visit our website.


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