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HMRC announces new deadline for export declarations move to CDS

HMRC has written to traders confirming that since 4th March, export declarations can be moved to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS), and this includes declarations for all goods that move through all routes, including inventory linked maritime locations.

Whilst HMRC was given traders a final deadline of 30th March for the full transition from CHIEF to CDS, after some discussions with border industry, they came to the conclusion that businesses needed more time for such move and therefore exporters now have till the 4th June 2024 to ensure they move to CDS.

After this date, NES (National Export System) and CHIEF will be retired and traders will no longer be able to able to use them to make declarations.

More than 100 million customs declarations have been successfully submitted on CDS, with over 30% being export declarations. HMRC urges traders to make sure they absolutely take the necessary steps.

Helping you prepare for your move to CDS for exports

Get in touch with our expert customs team to help you prepare with the move. We are customs brokers and also offer step by step CDS workshops for traders. Just contact the team at or call us at 0161 393 4314.


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