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Origin of Wholesale Second-Hand Books

We want to bring to your attention the following notice that we have just been made aware of regarding the Origin of Wholesale Second-Hand Books for UK Certificates of Origin.

The Certification Group of the British Chambers of Commerce have issued a new ruling on the origin of wholesale second-hand books. From this date (18.08.2023) onwards wholesale second-hand books which have been collected, sorted and packaged for shipment in the UK will obtain UK origin.

Wholesale second-hand books are typically sold by weight or quantity without specific titles being specified for low value, generally around £1 per book.

The origin rules for second-hand books sold by title, in small quantities or of high value have not changed.

Please make sure to check our upcoming RULES OF ORIGIN: PREFERENTIAL AND NON-PREFERENTIAL - OCTOBER 2023 which is designed for beginners or experienced exporters looking to refresh their knowledge.

For more details or to book your place, click here. If you would like further information on future dates, please contact us as per the above details.

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