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The Supplementary Import Declaration deadline is fast approaching - are you ready?

If you have chosen to delay making full customs import declarations on non-controlled goods that you have brought in this year, you now must now get ready to make a supplementary declaration within 175 days of your shipment arriving in Great Britain.

This means that for any imports you made in January 2021; your supplementary declaration will be due very soon and you must submit on time to avoid penalties and/or lose the option of delaying future declarations.

What details do you need to complete the supplementary declaration?

  • EORI number

  • Commodity code

  • Customs procedure code

  • A unique consignment reference (for example invoice number)

  • Consignee and consignor

  • Type, amount, and packaging of your goods

  • Transport methods and costs

  • Currencies and valuation methods

  • Certificates and licences

How can I make the supplementary declaration?

You can do this via Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, another customs agent or you can do it yourself if you have access to CHIEF and the relevant processing systems.

If you need any assistance with completing declarations or require advice on how to submit these declarations, our team is at hand to help. Simply email them at or complete our short online survey and a member of our team will be in touch.

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