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UK Gov launches new 'Time is running out' Campaign

With now less than 75 days to the end of the year and with recent EU-UK talks not progressing as the Prime Minister had planned, the UK Government is urging companies to take immediate action as a 'No-Deal' scenario is imminently back on the table.

This has caused protests across various business groups, including the British Chambers of Commerce. Commenting on the launch of the government’s ‘time is running out’ campaign, BCC Director General Adam Marshall said:

“Facing the triple threat of a resurgent Coronavirus, tightening restrictions and a disorderly end to the transition period, it is little wonder businesses are struggling to prepare. Many firms will be tired of posturing, cliff edges and deadlines, while others are still grappling with fundamental challenges as a result of the pandemic.

“More businesses will undoubtedly step up preparations for change over the coming weeks, but many are still facing unanswered Brexit questions that have a big impact on their day to day operations.

“A UK-EU deal is still both possible and critically important. No matter what happens, businesses will have to change. But we need a deal that supports businesses and jobs, and final clarity over what changes they must make.”

For more information on the new campaign, please click here

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