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UK joins Horizon Europe reopening doors for British research institutions and companies

Earlier this month, the UK Government announced the UK will associate to Horizon Europe and Copernicus programmes through a bespoke new agreement with the EU, though which the UK has secured improved financial terms of association to the Horizon programme and increased benefits for UK scientists, value for money for the UK taxpayer and mitigating the impact of the EU’s delays to the UK’s association will have on researchers’ participation rates. This comes after three years of being excluded from the programme following UK’s exit from the EU.

The Horizon programme, known as Horizon Europe, is the European Union’s flagship research and innovation framework programme. Rejoining these programmes is most definitely a very positive step in the new ‘UK-EU’ Relationship as this will give UK companies and research institutions unparalleled opportunities to lead global projects and develop new technologies and research projects in areas ranging from AI to health and more. This not only will strengthen cooperation links with the EU but with countries such as Norway, New Zealand and Israel, which are already part of the programme. It will also open doors to work with countries such as Korea and Canada which are looking to join the programme.

Since the 7th September 2023, UK researchers can apply for grants and bid to take part in projects under the Horizon programme, with the certainty that the UK will be participating as a fully associated member for the reminder of the programme to 2027.

The UK is also associating to Copernicus, the European Health Observation programme. This will allow the UK’s earth observation sector to have access to unique data, which will be valuable to helping with early flood and fire warnings.

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