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Government launches dedicated hotline and online service for UK exporters

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

The Export Support Service is a new government helpline and online service where all UK businesses can get answers to practical questions about exporting to Europe.

From queries around rules of origin, to guidance on recognising professional qualifications and entering new markets, the Export Support Service is said to provide a single point of contact. It will help exporters navigate a range of complex information simply and quickly.

Commenting on the new EU Export Support Service, William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at British Chambers of Commerce, said:

"Business has been pointing out the daily difficulties firms, large and small, have had with the new trading terms for EU exports since they started on 1 January.

“Many have found themselves wrestling with issues around VAT, export health certificates, and origin certification for the first time.

“The Chambers Network and ChamberCustoms were ready on day one for this challenge and have continued to share their practical experience and knowledge of how to best facilitate trade and market access for our members.

“Every day we are working to make this happen in a way no-one else does. Our expertise allows us to offer advice, training, brokerage and documentation services for trade with both the EU and wider international market.

“We are keen to work in partnership with Government to enhance this capacity to lift export-led growth for companies the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, using our Global Business Network to extend their reach.

“We look forward to working with the Europe Export Support Service and hope it will prove complementary to the unrivalled support the Chamber Network provides to exporting UK companies. 

“Unfortunately, many firms have given up exporting to EU customers since January, while others have found the new barriers to trade in goods and services a massive financial and logistical burden.

“The essential test for this new service will be to turn that around and do it quickly, by adding value to the work of Chambers and not to further confuse UK companies. Rebuilding the economy after the pandemic requires turbo-charged export-led growth - especially with our largest trading partner - the EU."

Susana Córdoba, Head of International Trade at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, comments on this new service:

"We welcome this new service from Government and continue to encourage a close collaboration between Government and Industry to ensure trade policies, new trade agreements and business support services are in line with what companies need on the ground.

It is also extremely important government continues to work in building the capacity of the private business support sector as a long term strategy for a full steamed export led economic recovery"

Source: BCC and HMRC

Does your export/import business need support to trade with Europe?

Greater Manchester Chamber award-winning trade team and its network of experts, approved suppliers and strategic partners are at hand to help you in a wide range of compliance areas such as:

  • Customs processes and documentation

  • Customs Clearance & Transit Services - customs entries for imports into UK and exports from the UK

  • Understanding rules of origin, proof of origin, customs duties and overall export/import requirements

  • Special Customs procedures (e.g. Inward and Outward Processing, Customs Warehouse, Return Goods Relief, etc)

  • Export Controls

  • AEO Status

  • VAT and much more

Email our team at or call 0161 393 4314 for support.

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