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FAQ – ATA Carnets for USA

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document which allows the temporary export/importation of commercial samples, professional equipment or goods going to a trade fair or exhibition. ​ 

It is valid for one year and allows the movement of the goods shown on the Carnet as many times as required for up to 12 months, to the destinations applied for.  

Without the Carnet, it would be necessary to go through each country’s customs procedures for temporary admission of the goods. ​ 

All goods must return in the same state (e.g. sales, repairs, processing and modifications are not allowed under this scheme). 

It is important to note that not all three categories are available for all countries. So, in the case of the USA, carnets are only accepted for Commercial Samples and Professional Equipment. Therefore, if you require carnets for Trade Fairs or Exhibitions in this country, they won't be available for you. 

It is also useful to know that USA does not accept Replacement Carnets or transits/blue vouchers. 

Please note that not all U.S. customs ports are staffed with officers 24/7. To ensure an officer is available to validate your Carnet at the time of departure, please see the U.S. customs website's list of offices, including hours of operation ( 

Need help with ATA Carnets or other export documentation Requirements? 

  • If you are new to completing carnets, check our upcoming ATA CARNET STEP-BY-STEP WORKSHOP - MAY 2024. The course This course is designed for beginners or experienced exporters looking to refresh their knowledge. 

  • Need further advice on EUR1s COO, documentation, customs clearance or other?  

If you have any questions about the above or would like support in your international trade journey, please  or call 0161 393 4314.  


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