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The Windsor Framework - Latest Updates

On 27th February 2023, the UK and EU agreed to the Windsor Framework – a set of arrangements to regulate the flow of trade between the UK, Northern Ireland and the European Union. This set of rules replaced the original agreement with the EU, called the Northern Ireland Protocol, which came into force on 1st January 2021.  

The original agreement introduced checks on all goods coming from Great Britain even if the goods were to remain in the UK by staying in Northern Ireland. This was changed in the Windsor Framework following the creation of the two lanes at Northern Irish ports: green for goods staying in Northern Ireland and red for goods which may be “at risk” of being sent to the EU. An import declaration must be completed for all shipments, whether they go in the red or green lane.  

What are the key dates/updates? 

  1. Duty Reimbursement Scheme: When goods enter Northern Ireland under the red lane, EU duty and taxes are payable upon clearance. If the goods did not leave Northern Ireland, businesses can now, since June 2023, apply for a reimbursement of this duty providing they have evidence of this. Claims should be submitted within three years.  


  1. UK Internal Market Scheme: With effect from 30 September 2023, the IKIMS replaced the UK Trade Scheme (UKTS). This scheme allows registered traders to continue to move goods in line with the green lane (“not at risk”) arrangement. From October 2024, this means that those products will be relieved of additional paperwork, checks and duties and only a simplified dataset will need to be provided, based on commercial paperwork. You can apply to register for the UK Internal Market Scheme here.  


  1. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Products: Once the new green lane arrangements are in place, businesses moving sanitary and phytosanitary products from GB to NI will be able to do so on the basis of a single “General Certificate” for eligible consignments, supported by a packing list. This will be based on a “trader declaration” system rather than the certification of an approved vet.   

The Windsor Framework covers a very wide range of areas and will not be fully delivered until at least 2025. If your business trade with Northern Ireland on a regular basis, we strongly recommend keeping an eye on those changes and updates as requirements are often being updated and changing. You can subscribe to the Trader Support Service for regular updates. 

How can we help? 

  • Northern Ireland and Windsor Framework Training Course: This half-day course on 23rd April 2024 will provide an overview of the Windsor Framework and the key changes and updates to be aware of. See here to register. 


  • General Advice: Our team of International Trade & Customs Advisor are on hand to help. From training to customs and documentation, we can support traders. To discuss with a member of our team, contact or call 0161 393 4314. 


  • Newsletter: Our biweekly newsletter will cover key updates and new requirements related to Windsor Framework. If you do not receive it yet, you can email the team on detail above. You can also subscribe to our international trade hub to access regular updates, blogs and resources from previous events and webinars.  

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