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Brexit Planning: How to Prepare for No-Deal

With the 31st October looming and no clear view of what Brexit will look like yet, it is more important than ever to prepare.

There are a wealth of think pieces, opinions and articles online – but businesses need solid facts, not generalisations, to understand what trading under Brexit will look like for them. This is especially important in the case of No-Deal, as this will cause the most immediate change to British companies’ export and import plans.

Fortunately, HM Revenue and Customs have created several different online packs offering the most concrete advice for businesses that export or import, other packs offer specific action steps for businesses based in logistics, animal and plant products. In total, there are over 35 different packs tailored to specific business industries, making it one of the most comprehensive free Brexit resources available to businesses.

In addition to other resources, such as the ones provided by HM Revenues and Customs, the Chamber can offer Brexit services tailored to individual companies’ exact needs.

Our International Trade Audit can assess whether your business is Brexit ready and highlights key strengths and weaknesses. The chamber also runs several training courses throughout the year that pick up on key issues Brexit might raise for businesses, ensuring companies stay on top of the latest regulations. To access the list of HMRC packs please click here. If you are interested in the International Trade Audit more information can be found here and an up to date list of our training courses is visible here


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