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Brexit talks hit the wall again!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

EU counterparts have expressed strong concerns about a controversial bill published by the UK Government, where parts of the Prime Minister Brexit Deal seem to be geared to override and even breach international law.

The Northern Ireland Secretary, Brandon Lewis have told MPs this Tuesday the UK Market Internal Bills, which seek to give Northern Ireland continuous and smooth access to the rest of the UK markets, will breach international law in a very specific and limited way.

Understandably, the EU has call for an emergency meeting so the UK can elaborate further and respond to their concerns, and the government has encounter further backlash from other fronts as response to this news.

As progress has been stalled, the country could be facing once again a no-deal scenario at the end of this year, and without the possibility of a further extension to the transition period, UK and EU companies could see more disruptions on how they will operate from January 2021 onwards.

Business must not let their guard down and really continue their preparation to ensure they continue trading despite upcoming changes, expected delays and disruptions. The Chamber Network keeps urging companies to not let their guard down.

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