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CHIEF/CDS Update: HMRC announced extension for imports

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The deadline for the closure of CHIEF Imports is fast approaching and is only 7 days away. HMRC have announced today that traders that will not be ready to switch to CDS Import on the deadline will still be able to make import declarations on CHIEF until 31st October, a one-month extension.

If you are a customer of ChamberCustoms, you will still be able to make import declarations on CHIEF as we have been approved for the extended deadline. If you need more time to register for CDS, you now have it. However, we would urge you to switch to CDS as soon as possible and before this final deadline.

The latest information that we have from HMRC is as follows.

1. Import declarations need to be made using the Customs Declaration Service from 1 October 2022. You need to act now and there is help and support available on Gov.UK and YouTube.

2. If you know you can’t be ready for that date, you should consider using a customs agent who can help you. ChamberCustoms can continue to submit CHIEF Imports until 31st October 2022.

3. If you are unable to use CDS for your import declarations or use a customs agent, we are allowing CHIEF badge holders to seek permission for a short extension to use CHIEF beyond 30 September, if you have a clear business reason. You need to apply using an online form and further details are available here

4. Those that successfully apply for an extension will be provided with help and support to move to the Customs Declaration Service as soon as possible.

5. A limited group of declarants are unable to fully migrate their imports so can continue to use CHIEF for imports without having to apply for continued use. We will contact those declarants directly to let them know.

6. If you continue to use CHIEF from 1 October 2022 without permission, HMRC reserves the right to remove your access.

Need help or have any questions?

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