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Changes to Export Documentation Services from 1st Jan 2021

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

From the 1st January, the UK will become a 3rd country to the EU and as with many other areas of exporting and importing, there will be changes to our Export Documentation services:

  • European Certificates of Origin will be replaced by UK Certificates of Origin (Non-Preferential)

  • EUR1s will be replaced by a UK EUR1s (Preferential Document)

  • ATRs will no longer be issued by the Chamber from 1st January. There is now a new UK-Turkey Trade deal, so for more information about accessing the Turkey market, please click here

  • UK ATA Carnets will now be issued for temporary admissions to the EU

  • Arab-British Certificates of Origin - no changes envisaged.

To check for more detailed guidance on the changes to these documents and Q&As please click here.

We continue to provide our certification and legalisations services as normal. However, please bear in mind the team continues to work remotely during this time.

If you have further questions about Rules of Origin, proof of origin, claiming preferential rate and more, please check our UK Government Guidance section for more information.

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