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Customs Update for Animal Imports

HMRC made an update to the tariff as of 1st February 2023 for those importing products of animal origin and animal by-products from the EU. For example, food and animal feed products.

Importers should have been making pre-notifications for the arrival of these products since January 2022 on the IPAFFs system, it is now necessary to include these on the customs declaration.

Pre-notifications are now required, and this should be included on your customs declaration to ensure your movements are not disrupted.

For further information you can check the online tariff.

Do you need to do anything?

If you have already pre-lodged a declaration, it should be amended before it arrives to include the IPAFFS reference.

If the goods have already arrived in the UK, it should be corrected with the pre-notification reference.

Further Customs Updates for 2023

The Customs Declaration Service is now up and running for imports and the deadline for export CDS declarations has been moved to November 2023. Currently exports can only be submitted through CDS for non-inventory linked ports. It is expected that from September 2023 that all export routes will open for CDS declarations. We will be sharing information as we hear more and HMRC will be writing to all traders this impacts.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the above or would like support in submitting customs declarations, please email or call 0161 393 4314.

Our next Customs Declaration Workshop will take place on 22nd February at 9.30am at Elliot House. There is also an option to attend virtually. For more details or to book your place, click here. If you would like further information on future dates, please contact us as per the details above.

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