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EU launches new Access2Markets Portal

The EU has launched this new online platform to help EU SMEs trading with markets outside the EU. It is a combination of the Market Access Database and the EU Trade helpdesk where companies will be able to access information about:

  • Tariffs

  • Rules of origin

  • Product requirements

  • Customs procedures and formalities

  • VAT/excise duties/sales taxes

  • Trade barriers

  • Trade statistics

This new digital tool will also help companies with:

  • step-by-step guides into importing/exporting goods and services

  • detailed guidance on rules of origin

  • a tool to help you assess your product’s ‘origin’

  • trade terminology explained along the way

  • examples of how certain tariffs will fall over time

  • graphs with trade statistics

Not only that, this new portal will also received feedback from companies about any barriers they are facing when trading outside the EU.

It can be used by any company - either new or experienced in international trade.

As the UK will effectively become a 3rd country from 1st Jan 2021, this tool may prove useful for your business.

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