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Free flow of data between the UK and the EU is set to continue

The European Commission will allow data to continue flowing freely between the EU and the UK after concluding that British rules and provisions provide sufficient protection for customer’s personal information.

A draft of the decision, seen by the Financial Times, is expected to be approved this week, greatly benefiting business in the health, insurance and technology sectors. This relatively speedy decision has been possible because the UK already has a system that aligns with the EU’s.

Additionally, the agreement is also set to include cooperation on policing, allowing for data transfers on matters such as search warrants and the interception of communication.

Future Prospects

The agreement will be reviewed every four years by the commission and is open to legal challenges at the European court of Justice to ensure that UK rules do not compromise the privacy of EU citizens as stated by Vera Jourova, EU vice-president for values and transparency.

BCC welcomes European Commission data adequacy ruling.

Commenting on the decision by the European Commission to grant the UK data adequacy, BCC Co-Executive Director Hannah Essex said:

“With the free flow of data critical to their operations, businesses will be greatly relieved at the granting of data adequacy which removes a costly cliff edge at a time when many are already struggling due to the pandemic and post-Brexit trading conditions.

“However, it should not distract from the need to address the many practical difficulties that are currently stifling trade between us. More needs to be done to fix these problems otherwise many firms may simply give up on doing business with the EU.

“This should include pushing back the dates for introducing additional scientific checks on animal and plant goods from April and full customs checks on imports from July and increasing the support available for businesses who need time to adapt to the new trading conditions.”

Do you want to know more about post-Brexit changes in data and services?

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Source: Adapted from the Financial Times

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