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Have your Say & Help Shape UK's Duty Suspension Application Process

The Department for International Trade has opened up a public consultation to understand what businesses think about the current application process for tariff duty suspension.

Many of the Chamber's members and customers are importers, and this could be a good opportunity to submit their views.

The regime removes tariffs from certain goods imported into the UK. A suspension of quota can be used by any business in the UK, and it is no specific to the company which applied. The first suspension application window will open around May 2021.

DIT is keen to know what businesses think about:

  • the EU suspension application process

  • how the UK’s independent suspension application process should look

  • the timescales for application window cycles, including processing, objecting to and implementing suspension applications

  • any other relevant feedback

If you are a business with experience using this process, please email DIT at by 12th March 11:45 p.m.

Source: DIT

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