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HSE Has Published the UK REACH Work Programme

Following the UK's withdrawal from the EU and the subsequent transition period, the EU REACH Regulation has been brought into UK law under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.

REACH, and related legislation, have been replicated in the UK with the necessary changes to make it operable in a domestic context. The key principles of the EU REACH Regulation have been retained. The new domestic regime is known as UK REACH. The REACH Statutory Instrument can be found here.

UK REACH applies to the majority of chemical substances; those used in industrial processes and daily life, for example in cleaning products, paints as well as in articles such as clothes, furniture and electrical appliances.

The workplan details the operational activities that HSE, supported by the EA, will undertake in 2021/2022 and seeks to provide a comprehensive picture of all activities conducted under UK REACH.

Within each subject theme, the workplan also provides some early perspectives on work anticipated in future years. HSE’s work will be directed by activities within industry and government, and by specific legislative triggers.

The plan reveals that there has been an application for authorisation to use an endocrine disruptor (OPEO) and for the extension to an authorisation for the phthalate DEHP. It also lists a number of substances that will be considered for inclusion as substances of very high concern.

Anyone affected by REACH should check this plan and whether it impacts any of their substances. The government has also published information on transitional applications for authorisation under UK REACH, which has been submitted to DEFRA.

Need further support?

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Author: Squire Patton Boggs

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