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Is US-UK Trade deal at risk?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Sam Coates, Deputy Political Editor at Sky News has reported that four senior US congressman have written to the Prime Minister to reiterate that there will be no US-UK Trade Deal if the legislations to override the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement isn't pulled.

The letter from the US congressman indicate strong concerns over the news that the UK Government may be looking to override elements of the Northern Ireland Protocol and this could jeopardise US-UK bilateral relationship, not to mention the serious impact on the Island of Ireland, as a hard border could be seen to ignite old tensions.

This latest manoeuvre comes after conversations with the EU stalled on issues around state aid and fisheries. The UK's approach to Brexit has not only raised concerns in the US, but has led to the resignation of over six civil servants that have found it impossible to do their jobs because of it.

The US is our largest single export and import market for both services and goods, and their position is expected to put pressure on the UK government to refrain from breaking the law and specially as a no-deal will see even larger disruptions of what is already anticipated by experts.

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