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New General Product Safety Regulation published by the EU

The European Commission published the new General Product Safety Regulation on the 23rd of May, which revises the product safety rules in the EU. This means that for companies operating in the European Union, significant changes in product liability law are on the horizon.

The new regulation enhances product safety and consumer protection and makes it easier for them to repair, return or replace unsafe products. Here is an overview:

  • online marketplace must establish one point of contact for market surveillance authorities and consumers, and express cooperation with authorities.

  • If a product is shown unsafe, economic operators must immediately take corrective measures and inform market surveillance authorities and consumers.

  • If a product needs to be recalled, consumers can choose between repair, replacement of the product, or refund.

  • economic operators must have a person responsible for products sold online and offline (regardless of the origin of the product), who ensures the provision of technical documentation, instructions, and safety information.

The new GPSR will enter into force on 12th June 2023, with an 18-month transition period until the new regulations come into full force on 13th December 2024. The new GPSR constitutes a major revision of the regulations previously in force in the EU.

Is your business facing issues when trading with EU or under the new rules in general? The Chamber can help companies in several ways:

  • Advice and Support from our award-winning International Team.

  • Export & Import Documentation services we provide certification, legalisation and apostille services for a wide range of documents.

  • Customs Clearance & Transit Services: We are an HMRC Compliant customs broker helping UK traders with export and import customs entries and transit documentation for companies of all sizes, through any port or airport. To set up an account or for more information, email us at or complete our short online form. 

  • Training Courses: From how to complete a customs declaration to export/import customs procedures and documentation, to mention but a few, our full range of courses are designed to help your staff to keep up with current and latest regulations. View our list of upcoming courses here.  

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