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Selling Services to the EU post 1st Jan 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

In the last few weeks, the Chamber has received a number of queries from members who currently sell services to the EU wondering what changes will come into place at the end of the transition period.

Most of the UK Government guidance has focus on the movement of goods, however, we strongly suggest to UK companies selling services either remotely or delivering those in any of the EU27 countries checks the available guidance, and whilst a lot of details may still be missing, it is imperative you do take action on those which are known.

From Business travel to how you charge/claim VAT and whether you may require an export licence if your service (e.g. software) is considered dual-use or controlled, just to mention but a few, will be some of the things your business will need to plan for if you wish to continue trading with your EU partners.

The below offer some of the key guidance we know from both the UK Government and EU which may be relevant to check and action now:

Need legal, accounting or VAT support? Email us at and we can introduce you to partners, approved suppliers or members who can help.

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