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Skilled worker shortages in key industries could dampen export growth?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Skilled worker shortages have been warned in key industries such as: Health, transport, construction, hospitality and other. Companies have been affected by the shortage of skilled workers due to Brexit and COVID-19. Recent strikes have put more pressure on some industries affecting public services, particularly health and transport.

We have seen that COVID- 19 is reducing its impact on the business workforce. Therefore, companies can now plan ahead, training can be done face to face, and people are back to work in the office with more normality. COVID-19 restrictions for people crossing the border into the UK are minimal and people have learned to live with it.

What happens after Brexit?

We are living in a post-Brexit world and industries are having some concerns about skilled worker shortages. The NHS has alarmed that there many vacancies around 133.400 reported in September 2022. Nursing vacancies increased from around 47,200 in the quarter to June 2022 to around 47,500 in the quarter to September 2022.

A recent study from AJG found that “there is a significant shortage of skills in the construction industry, and this is one of the biggest threats facing the industry right now. 57% of construction companies stated that they were currently short-staffed, and this has led to 12% having to turn business down while 11% have had to reduce the services offered”.

These vacancies, including seasonal vacancies, which used to be filled by the free movement of people from the EU, mean that companies are finding it more difficult to find trained and experienced workers.

The Solution?

One solution is to attract overseas skilled workers back into the country, to fill these vacancies. Therefore, the immigration system should be more flexible for skilled workers, and that is something the government needs to work on very quickly. To train a professional can take years. Providing visas for skilled overseas workers, could be the short-term solution.

Source:, the guardian

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