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EU introduces further sanctions for Russia for its continued illegal war against Ukraine

Updated: 4 days ago

The EU remains committed to reduce further Russia’s sources of revenue and capacity to enable its war against Ukraine.

The package includes:

  • Important  new energy-related measures targeting liquified natural gas (LNG), and measures targeting vessels which support Russia's war, so this is effectively prohibits all future investments in, and exports to, LNG projects under construction in Russia.   This is the first time there as been a sanction specifically targeting vessels which are enabling Russia’s warfare, which are subject to a port access ban and ban on provision of services.   This measure also targets tankers part of Putin's dark fleet which circumvent the EU and Price Cap Coalition's caps, while adopting deceptive shipping practices in complete disregard of international standards.

  • New listings of individuals (69) and entities (47) working to undermine or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

  • Stricter restrictions for the export of dual-use and advanced technology items to 61 entities – established in Russia (28) and in third countries (33) – which are directly or indirectly associated to Russia's military complex and thus contribute to supporting the Russia's war of aggression.

  • The import ban to helium which generates significant revenues for Russia

  • Clarification about the import ban on Russian diamonds already agreed in the 12th sanctions package, indicating the bank does not apply to diamonds that were located in the EU or in a third country (other than Russia), or were polished or manufactured in a third country, before the ban on Russian diamonds entered into force (so-called ‘grandfathering'). It also allows temporary imports or exports of jewellery, for example for trade fairs or repairs.  It also prolongs by six months (until 1 March 2025) the sunrise period after which the full-traceability scheme for imports of rough and polished natural diamonds will become mandatory.  Lastly, it also postpones the ban on jewellery incorporating Russian diamonds processed in third countries other than Russia until the Council decides to activate the ban in the light of action taken within the G7 to pursue that measure.

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