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Trade Update – Safeguard Measures

Last month the International Trade Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, made a decision on the continued application of safeguard measures on imports of steel and the introduction of new tariff rate quotas on overseas steel to protect UK producers from a “flood of cheap steel imports”.

Based on a report from the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) the international trade secretary proposed a two year extension, until the end of June 2024, on tariffs and quotas on the following fifteen categories of steel products:

1 – Non-alloy and other alloy hot-rolled sheet and strip

2 – Non-alloy and other alloy cold-rolled sheet

4 – Metallic coated sheet

5 – Organic coated sheet

6– Tin mill products

7 – Non-alloy and other alloy quarto plates

12 – Merchant bars and light sections

13 – Rebar

16 – Non-alloy and other alloy wire rod

17 – Angles, shapes, and sections of iron or non-alloy steel

19 – Railway material

20 – Gas pipe

21 – Hollow section

25 – Large welded tube

26 – Other welded tube

For category 12a the Secretary of State is increasing the tariff rate quota by 126,136 tonnes in order to assist importers and downstream users of steel.

However,Senior government figures are concerned that imposing tariffs could lead to a trade war, with retaliatory measures being placed on UK exports such as whisky and cars.

They also worry that it will damage British manufacturers who rely on imported steel.

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