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What happens when your goods are subject to an Inland Pre-clearance check?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

If you are a business importing goods into the UK or acting as an intermediary for import to the UK, you may be selected for checks. HMRC carry out inland check for goods making sure everything relating to your customs declaration is correct and complies with customs law.

The checks may include an examination of your declaration, supporting documents, an examination of your goods and sampling of your goods.

If they select your goods for checks, you will be contacted by email, letter, or phone beforehand, and you will be given the option to attend or send someone authorized in your place. This needs to be agreed with HMRC. It’s very important to maintain good communication with HMRC for further questions relating to the checks.

What happens when your goods are selected

  1. Your goods arrive in the UK, and they select them for checks.

  2. They move them from the place of importation to one of their inland locations.

  3. They email you to invite you to the checks and set a date.

  4. They carry out full checks on your goods.

  5. They tell you the outcome and what you need to do next.

  6. They clear your goods from customs controls ready for their release (if they have not seized them or called for a payment of security).

  7. You arrange collection of your goods.

During the checks they will examine: the goods and any records related to it, the documents, they may take samples for classification and identification, general inspection and they will mark the goods as inspected. If all the checks are correct your goods will be released, or seized if they do not comply with the customs law. The inspection can take up to 5 weeks.

If you want to find out more about these customs inland checks, please visit this government website. Here

Source: HMRC

How can our expert team help your business?

  • Customs Clearance : We can now process import and export customs declarations for companies of all sizes, through any port or airport. You can register your company for clearance or find out more by emailing Alternatively, you can complete our short online form.

  • Training Courses: You can view our list of upcoming courses here.

  • Advice and Support : For further advice on any of the above or support you require with exporting or importing, please email

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